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Raw footage from the video shoot for the song, Roller Coaster BaBy
Music & Video: Markus Kienzl * Vocals & Lyrics: Dolli Melaine
Videographer: Martin Uko
(go to music to see finished video)
Dolli Melaine & Mia Legenstein present "Exposed" at the Nevada Theater, Nevada City, California. Featuring: Aubrey Lee Puetz, dancer, Belle Star, back up singer and Steffen Snell, spoken word. Visuals by Adam Verhasselt and Kata Mesterhazy
fotos: Douglass Truth
Dolli Melaine & Manni Montana, present "The Return of the Punk Monk" with visuals by, Pinky, at the Flex, Vienna
fotos: ingo folie foto: barbara siegel
Dolli live at the "Styrialpine-Festival" together with Manni Montana and km/a
fotos: ingo folie
Dolli Melaine with Manni Montana at the "Quader"-Fest, visuals by pinky
fotos: ingo folie
Dolli and Stefan Tielsch live at the "Schutzhaus zur Zukunft", presenting the "Im Sumpf"-CD
"Musik, zu gut für diese Welt - Vol. 2", compiled by Fritz Ostermeyer & Thomas Edlinger, which also features the "blu"-track "exposed"
foto: michael parenti
Dolli played the Lead Role in an Electronic Music Theatre Production "new wordisorder", produced in Vienna by zOon Music Theater, written, directed and composed by Thomas Désy.
fotos: Michael Rausch-Schott
Dolli created a (Fable) Semi Documentary silent short Film called "Lunatics are Dancing" co-written and produced with Nicole Tristani and featuring many street kids in Nevada-City, California.  with an all music soundtrack produced by Dolli Melaine and Jhon Renoir featuring many of the local Kids and her band "Saturnday 4"
here are the first 15 Minutes of the Movie:

fotos: harry august
...it all started in London with my first Band "The Secret" in a Songwriting Collaboration
   with Nic Dunstal
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