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foto: eva pudill

I am a self taught artist.  My motivation come's from my curiosity of what is possible and the influence of life experiences.  I am a person who runs and jumps off the cliff and hopes the parachute opens. Always taking chances...

All Paintings are for Sale
Portrait Commissions are Welcome
Everything you see on this site art wise can also be made into Prints...
Paper, Acrylic, Metal & Canvas

The Performance Art Show & Installation is ready for action. Music is available for Show's, Movies, T.V. and whatever else inspires.  A lifetime of giving my blood to the music/songwriting and performing... many things are possible.

If anyone has great ideas or is an agent I am looking for representation for both my art and musical stories.


I am also a master voice coach and healer.  For more information go to:

Fine Art Prints & more of Dolli Melaine Art at: